Zitcom Group and Intelligent join forces

The Belgian hosting group Intelligent has acquired Zitcom Group, parent company of well-known Danish SME hosting brands such as Wannafind, ScanNet and UnoEuro. Represented by brands such as Combell, Easyhost and Byte, Intelligent is the Benelux market leader for shared hosting for SME customers. With the acquisition of Zitcom Group, Intelligent will also take a market leading position in the Danish SME hosting market in which the group is already active with the DanDomain brand. With the purpose of consolidating Intelligent’s Danish activities, the DanDomain brand will be incorporated in Zitcom Group under the management of Zitcom Group CEO, Stefan Rosenlund.

Stefan Rosenlund, Zitcom Group CEO, looks forward to building on the foundation laid by DanDomain:

“I look forward to further developing the DanDomain brand and to getting to know the many employees and customers. It’s with great pride and humility that I take on the responsibility of leading the joint Zitcom and DanDomain activities, and I have the greatest respect for the results the DanDomain team has achieved to date – especially with their market leading webshop platform.

As a part of Intelligent, Zitcom Group will be able to build on its strategy for the Danish hosting market.

” For many years, Intelligent has successfully applied a multi brand strategy with focus on strong customer relationships, technical sophistication, strategic acquisitions, a healthy financial policy and intelligent solutions. Zitcom Group has taken an identical approach in Denmark. The matching DNA and ambitions, were the reason why we accepted to join forces with Intelligent.”, says Stefan Rosenlund. 

As a result of the acquisition, Intelligent now takes up a market leading position in the Danish SME hosting market. Jonas Dhaenens, Intelligent Group CEO, elaborates on why Zitcom Group was a perfect match for Intelligent:

“The acquisition of Zitcom Group is an attractive continuation of our buy-and-build strategy – both from a cultural and a strategic point of view. Zitcom Group is characterized by great professional pride, technical excellence, an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit and a high degree of success in building a sharply defined portfolio of hosting brands for Danish SME’s. Zitcom Group fits perfectly in Intelligent’s culture and strategic ambitions for the Danish SME hosting market”, says Jonas Dhaenens and adds:

“With Zitcom Group, we will be the market leaders in Denmark and the Benelux. As a group Intelligent will be one of Europe’s largest hosting companies. However, our ambitions reach further than this. Further acquisitions, mainly in the Benelux and Scandinavia, will be a core part of our future strategy.”

Intelligent Group is financially backed by buy-and build-investor Waterland Private Equity Investments. Cedric Van Cauwenberghe, partner at Waterland adds: “the acquisition of Zitcom by Intelligent joins two of the industry’s best management teams, who operate on the leading edge of technology, have an outstanding organic growth track record, and build on an unparalleled buy-and-build capability. In combination, Intelligent and Zitcom form an integrated platform which is ready to play a leading role in the consolidation of the European SME hosting industry.”


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