Waterland invests in Polish dermocosmetics company L’biotica

Warsaw, 27.09.2016 – Waterland Private Equity will support further growth of L’biotica, a leading Polish producer of hair care dermocosmetics.

L’biotica, a Gdańsk-based leading Polish dermocosmetics company, owner of the Biovax brand, decided to choose Waterland Private Equity as strategic partner who will support its further dynamic development.

Thanks to the Waterland’s experience with its past international healthcare, pharmaceutical and dermocosmetics investments, the Gdańsk-based firm will gain a valuable business support necessary to expand into national and international markets.

„Recent years have seen a very dynamic development of the company. A strong and experienced partner is needed to help realizing our ambitious growth plans; the partnership with Waterland is a strategic and well thought decision”, said Hubert Doluk, one of Company founders and the Chairman of the Board.

L’biotica is primarily known for its high quality and natural dermocosmetics, such as Biovax, Ketoxin or Professional Therapy, distributed mainly in pharmacies, herbalists and drug stores. The L’biotica dermocosmetics are developed and manufactured in Poland.

„At Waterland, we have an extensive experience in developing companies offering health and beauty products. L’biotica offers a perfect fit with our investment strategy”, said Maciej Szymański Principal at Waterland.

Following the investment, L’biotica continues to be an independent Polish dermocosmetics firm and its previous shareholders and directors will continue to manage the company. 

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